Thrips Attractant

Thrips Attractant

This technology is a thrips attractant, marketed as LUREM for attracting several species of thrips including Western Flower Thrips. The technology is licensed to Pherobank (sublicensed to Kopperts) for marketing and distribution in Europe. It is currently marketed as a monitoring and control tool to glasshouse crop growers as part of their overall low-impact thrips control programme. We are now developing Lurem as a control tool. Western Flower Thrips is a significant pest throughout America, Europe, Australia and New Zealand. Terms are currently being agreed for a NZ and Australian license. Opportunities exist for licenses in other territories such as Japan and US.


Seeking licensees for territories beyond NZ and Europe.

Unique Selling Propositions
  • Effective attractant for thrips but not non-target organisms
  • Horticulture
IP Strategy

Patent applications in National Phase: granted in NZ, Australia and Japan; filed in US, EU and Canada.

Project Status

Product on the market