Wood Plastic Pellets

Wood Plastic Pellets

Production of bio-fibre reinforced polymer composites and intermediates.


Scion is seeking licensees in NZ, Australia, Japan and Korea (no right to export out of these territories).

Unique Selling Propositions
  • Provides superior performance to wood flour biofilled biocomposites and competes in many fibreglass applications and hemp biocomposites with environmental, handling and cost advantages
  • Retrofittable to existing medium density fibreboard mills. Provides easy handling of biofibres during manufacturing of intermediates and moulding of end-products
  • Low cost process for manufacturing reinforced moulded products and biocomposite intermediates
  • Use in the production of any end products consisting of moulded polymer and capable of substituting some fibreglass applications
IP Strategy

Two patent families, national phase and PCT International Phase

Project Status

Product on the market