Behavior and welfare for Animal Performance

Behavior and welfare for Animal Performance


AgResearch has a history in animal behaviour and welfare research that goes back 40 years. The main focus is in the dairy industry as part of a five year collaborative Foundation for Research Science and Technology (FRST) programme with DairyNZ.

While there is an emphasis on the dairy industry, industry-focused research is also undertaken on other species such as deer (e.g. velvet removal), sheep (e.g. transport), poultry (e.g. meat chicken welfare), pigs (e.g. euthanasia) and horses (e.g. welfare).

Research has been carried out in domestic, native and pest species, playing an early role in the development of a successful pest-proof fence for protection of native fauna and avian repellents for toxic baits. There is also a current equine project underway.

With a collaborative approach to research, there are strong links with Massey University, Unitec and the University of Waikato in New Zealand. International collaborators include the University of California, Texas Tech University, University of Bristol, Scottish Agricultural College, Agriculture Canada and the Australian Commonwealth Scientific and Research Organisation (CSIRO).

The Animal Behaviour & Welfare team is also part of the regional World Organisation for Animal Health (OIE) Collaborating Centre for Animal Welfare Science and Bioethical Analysis, along with Massey University, the CSIRO, University of Queensland, University of Melbourne, and has strong presence in both Europe and United States.

Unique Capability Proposition

AgResearch has a 40 year history of animal behaviour and welfare research Research is industry-focused Researchers collaborate with many national and international institutions