Institute of Biomedical Technologies (IBTec)

Institute of Biomedical Technologies (IBTec)


IBTec is a multi-disciplinary inter-faculty University research institute that sits between the Faculty of Design and Creative Technologies and the Faculty of Health and Environmental Sciences at AUT University. IBTec research can be broadly classified into two portfolios: Fundamental Research and Applied Research, both of which focus on biomedical applications. IBTec’s Fundamental Research portfolio allows us to explore and publish new ideas of original biomedical research and development, primarily in the area of asthma prevention. We advance fundamental concepts, create knowledge and apply engineering expertise and knowledge to develop better therapy and diagnostic tools and devices. Its Applied Research portfolio provides the synergy for effective technology transfer to local industry and the sharing of research capabilities with industrial collaborators.

  • Alternative, medicinal and non-medicinal treatments for asthma, obstructive sleep apnea, respiratory distress syndrome and chronic rhino-sinusitis.
  • Develops diagnostic tools for various cardiovascular conditions. Research activities include mathematical modelling of cardiovascular systems, development of measurement and signal processing techniques validated through the use of statistical and clinical models.
  • Tissue testing and respiratory function lab
  • Polymer processing and characterization lab
Research Focus

Biomedical research and development, which a special focus on the prevention and treatment of asthma and other respiratory disorders.

Unique Capability Proposition

The Institute is comprised of academic and research staff from the School of Engineering, the Faculty of Health and Environmental Sciences as well as collaborators from other distinguished universities, hospitals and medical institutions.

Past Successes

For more than a decade, our contributions to the Auckland industrial community have been witnessed by the number of projects we have conducted on behalf of local companies and research collaborators, in particular in the area of biomedical device