Maori in Agriculture

Maori in Agriculture


Māori are amongst the largest agribusinesses in New Zealand. At AgResearch, we are committed to delivering solutions focused on the distinctive needs of Māori in the pastoral sector to assist in increasing the performance of Māori-owned farms.

We are actively working to create opportunities, solve real problems and ensure real-world application of science and technology to meet the aspirations of our Māori partners.

Goal 1: Build internal capacity At AgResearch we are committed to engage in productive relationships to deliver research outputs focused on the distinctive needs of Māori in the pastoral sector.

Goal 2: Developing meaningful relationships with Māori AgResearch has important relationships with key Māori incorporations and trusts located primarily in the North Island. This includes: Māori organizations administered under the Māori Land Act 1993 (Te Ture Whenua Māori 1993), Iwi Authorities and post treaty settlement organizations, non government Māori organizations and Māori farmers aligned with farmer groups.

Goal 3: Deliver on research and development and scientific needs AgResearch is committed to collaborative research and commercial contracts with Iwi partners through the alignment of research needs of our Māori partners and AgResearch capability to:

  • Increase Māori participation in current science programmes
  • Develop new research and commercial contracts