New Zealand Tourism Research Institute

New Zealand Tourism Research Institute


The New Zealand Tourism Research Institute, based at the Auckland University of Technology, brings together experts in the tourism and hospitality arena. The Institute's mission is to develop timely and innovative research solutions for the tourism industry and those who depend on it.

Research Focus

The focus is on helping to develop a profitable and sustainable industry which provides tangible benefits for business, residents and visitors

Unique Capability Proposition

NZTRI's projects and programs range from funded industry research through to 'blue skies' academic research. NTRI aims to provide timely, innovative and cost effective research solutions and outcomes that meet client needs, advance academic knowledge and provide educational development opportunities for NZTRI's postgraduate students and interns.

Past Successes

NZTRI has served a wide variety of clients since 1999 – ranging from major international donor agencies, large private sector operators and national government departments through to small communities, local cultural organisations and small and medium enterprises