Textiles and biomaterials for apparel

Textiles and biomaterials for apparel


The Textile Science team has developed a revolutionary new dyeing process that allows for vibrant, creative patterns in wool fabric.

The technique allows blocks of colour, graphics such as logos and other effects to be dyed into the wool in a single-set dyeing process, not just printed on the surface - a world-first as far as AgResearch is aware. The fabric looks and feels better than standard printed fabric, and the pattern does not deteriorate over time.

Apparel company BGI Developments has picked up the technology and is talking to a number of New Zealand-based clothing exporters about using it.

The new method is proving popular with manufacturers and fashion designers who like to be able to choose colours and designs just before entering the market, thus avoiding risk.

The initial focus has been on wool fabrics, but the technology can be used on all natural fibres and a range of fabric weights.

Some garments made of woollen fabric created using this technique were shown at Fashion Week 2010 in Auckland.

Unique Capability Proposition

Designs can be dyed into woollen fabric instead of printed on top -The technology has been commercialised by New Zealand company BGI Developments -Garments made of woollen fabric created using the technique were modelled at Fashion Week 2010